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The United States of America is a beautiful country. Mountain ranges. National forests. Lakes and rivers. Have you ever wanted a career that would allow you to see these places?

Well look no further. Rockin' It Pilot Cars is looking to expand our fleet of pilot escort vehicle operators(PEVO).

Being a PEVO requires a specific set of skills. Let's go over a list of the skills you would need to learn to properly do this job.

Let's take a look at these skills:

Reading A Map
Map reading is an essential skill. As a PEVO you will be required to read a maps and follow a strict route to get the overdimensional vehicle from point A to point B.
Understanding A Permit
As a PEVO you will be given a permit upon arrival at each overdimensional load. You will need to study this permit, and ensure that the overdimensional vehicle follows the route listed on each permit. This is an important part of being a PEVO.
Traffic Control
You must have the physical ability to flag traffic in the event of a load breakdown. You may be required to stand for hours on end to ensure the safe flow of traffic.
And More
This is just a short list of some of the primary skills you will need to perform these job operations.

If you think you posses the necessary skills to perform this job then:

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Work Load

Wondering which positions you would likely fill as a Rockin' It Pilot Cars PEVO?

The chart below will outline our primary functions as PEVO.



Height Pole




Route Survey